Ethereum Breakout: Analyst Explains Why The King Of The Altcoins Is Destined For $10,000


Crypto analyst Tony The Bull, founder of CoinChartist, has revealed why Ethereum is destined to cross $10,000. According to the crypto analyst, the king of the altcoins has its top just right after $10,000 using the Fibonacci extension.

How Ethereum Gets To $10,000

In the latest issue of the CoinChartist newsletter, crypto analyst Tony The Bull used the Hurst Cycle Theory which showed cyclical reoccurrence across the ETH/USDT chart. As the analyst explains, the uptrend noticed in the Ethereum charts has usually come from the accumulation of the token.

Tony points out that this accumulation has always taken place “at the bottom boundary of the Ending Diagonal pattern.” The analyst further added that “Since intracycle harmonics come in twos and threes, three cycles should complete one larger cycle that concludes with a breakdown of this Ending Diagonal pattern.”

Taking this Ending Diagonal Pattern into account, Tony reveals that the top of the pattern puts the ETH price at $10,000. However, this is not the only pattern that suggests that the king of the altcoins will end up beating the $10,000 level.

He also pointed out that the previous ETH rally had started at the 0.5 Fibonacci extension and reached 1.414 the last time that the ETH price peaked. The analyst notes that Ethereum is once again at the 0.5 Fibonacci extension which led to a break out in the price and the same could happen here. But this time, the target is able $10,000 if the 1.414 Fib is reached again.

ETH price reaches $2,019 | Source: ETHUSD on

ETH Moves Into Overbought Territory

One interesting fact that the analyst points out in the newsletter is the fact that Ethereum is currently in overbought territory. However, where this would usually signal a bearish reversal coming for the digital asset, Tony does not believe this is the case here.

Rather, he explains that a cryptocurrency being overbought usually means that it is “a powerfully trending asset.” So even though it could lead to a reversal, it does not invalidate the bullishness of that digital asset.

He also mentions that “the Stochastic has confirmed a 1M above 80 on the Stock.” Now, whenever this has happened for Ethereum, it has often resulted in a pushup for the price. At the same time, ETH is moving to the upper Bollinger Band. Both of these setups could paint a bullish breakout for the asset.

Source: CoinChartist

However, the analyst warns that for this bullish scenario to play out, the Ethereum price would have to close above $2,450 this month. If the Stochastic moves back below 20, it could invalidate it and trigger a downtrend. “But if ETHBTC can push back above 20 this will generate a buy signal on the 1M Stochastic and kickstart Ether’s over-performance above Bitcoin,” Tony concluded.

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