Kazakhstan blocked 980 non-licensed crypto exchanges in 2023


This year, Kazakhstan’s Financial Monitoring Agency (AFM) blocked access to almost a thousand crypto exchanges that were serving the country’s citizens without proper registration. 

According to the press release from Dec. 7, published on the government’s website, the AFM denied access to 980 illegal platforms in 2023. It also launched nine investigations into “illegal exchange operations” and money laundering. This information was revealed by the chairman of the AFM, Ruslan Ostroumov, during the meeting of the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering in China.

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The Digital Assets Law, which came into effect in February 2023, prohibits the creation and trading of digital currencies and cryptocurrency exchange activities unless a national license is obtained. The Astana International Financial Center (AIFC), functioning as a special economic zone in Kazakhstan, is responsible for granting preliminary approval for operations.

The list of exchanges blocked due to the absence of a national license includes some major international platforms. In November, it became known that Kazakh citizens were unable to access the Coinbase website after this was blocked by an order from the Ministry of Culture and Information. Ministry representatives explained to journalists that the request came from a different government body, the Ministry of Digital Development, which accused Coinbase of violating the Law on Digital Assets.

To date, Binance, Bybit, CaspianEx, Biteeu, ATAIX, Upbit and Xignal&MT have been approved to operate in the country.

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